Sunset Silhouette

Newport Beach, CA

Newport Beach, CA

Sunset Silhouette, a photo by Joseph Barber on Flickr.

bike racks tanning

bike racks tanning

I wanted to capture something out of the ordinary during this visit to the beach. I walked to the end of the walkway which extends onto the sand and I scanned the beach for something interesting to take a picture of. Waves? Beach? People? Palm Tree? Well, right behind me was this unassuming and seemingly boring steel bike rack. But getting a little dirty with a ground level shot payed off.

The sunset silhouette of the palm trees really turned out nice. You can feel the warm California sun sending forth its last rays of the day through the palm trees over Newport Beach. This is a classic to any California collection.


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-Photographer. -Studied Divine Economics (οἰκονομίαν θεοῦ) in a 3 year graduate program. -Bachelors of Science in Finance. -Enjoys Language, Traveling, Surfing, Skateboarding, Mexican food. God day!

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