Winter-ness in the desert

Hidden Valley lookout by Joseph Barber
Hidden Valley lookout, a photo by Joseph Barber on Flickr.

Before ever taking my first trip out to Joshua Tree I had the notion that the desert was a scorching wilderness arrayed with sand, cacti, and rattle snakes. So after my first trip to Joshua Tree about two years ago I realized that it was exactly that, a barren land scattered with rocks and cacti. However, there was something special I loved about being in Joshua Tree.

As one enters Joshua Tree National Park, the landscape changes very quickly into an alien planet (like the photos from the Mars rover). There are large rock formations that seemed to almost have bubbled up out of the ground and then solidified in the desert sun. The landscape is strewn with Joshua Trees that mimic one another by reaching their hands towards the sky. The temperatures are furnace-like in the summer and then freezing in winter nights, but it pays off when the heavens rain down a meteor shower or a full moon illuminates the entire desert. Plus, one of the best things about being in Joshua Tree is that you can escape the concrete and the sounds of suburbia (southern California).

So this past Monday (Inauguration Day) I spent the day climbing around on the rock formations and photographing “J-Tree” with a group of friends that I had gone with. Here’s some of the pics from that day.

The wilderness and the desert will be glad;
And the desert will exult and blossom like the rose.
For water will break forth in the wilderness,
And streams in the desert.
And the desert mirage will become a pool,
And the thirsty ground, springs of water
-Isaiah 35:1,6,7

Joshua Tree on a clear January daydon't slip! Ouch!  Afternoon moon Raven gets the bird's eye viewThe trek back to suburbia


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  1. I was just there yesterday in the evening hours, after dark I was admiring the city lights from Joshua Tree.

    It’s amazing what things look like in different seasons/times/minutes in a year/month/day. Thanks for these photos, was wondering what it looked like in the “dead of winter.”

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