I went through some more of my pics from this Autumn and worked on a few. Here are three that I took while walking around Boston in November.

I also inserted some thoughts on the state of America and the world in view of recent events.

Lone flowerMerely being an innocent person is turning out to be the most dangerous thing as seen in the recent months (New Town shooting, Texas & Oregon shootings, Dorner shooting, and now todays carjacking and killing spree by a teenager in Orange County).

For it is the mystery of lawlessness that is now operating, but only until the one now restraining goes out of the way. And then the lawless one will be revealed.

Today, people’s trust and hope in everything is being tested.
Trust in religion and your pope resigns.
Trust in your olympic hero and they are now involved in a murder case.
Trust in the safest school for your children and then one day they never come home.
Trust in the local authority and one of them goes rogue.
Trust in being completely innocent and you are gunned down.
But, there is only One who is trustworthy.
The living Christ who is over all.

These things may happen, but they are for the furtherance of His economy, and so that men may turn to see the One who is the reality of what they desire: Peace, Justice, Righteousness, Oneness.

Red leaves on the Charles

Harvard Yard Foliage poppin'


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-Photographer. -Studied Divine Economics (οἰκονομίαν θεοῦ) in a 3 year graduate program. -Bachelors of Science in Finance. -Enjoys Language, Traveling, Surfing, Skateboarding, Mexican food. God day!

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