WalesSpring is here, but Winter still wants to stick around just for a while longer. This past weekend in Wales the green, rolling hills became brilliant, white hills blanketed in snow.
During one afternoon I was considering the beautiful landscape of Wales and was brought to a new appreciation of God’s complete salvation which is composed of two parts, firstly, judicial redemption and secondly, organic salvation. The creation truly does reveal to us greater realizations of the unseen, spiritual principles and truths that we experience in our heart (Romans 1:20).

When the snow comes in the Winter, two things happen: firstly, the snow comes to kill the germs through freezing and secondly, the snow covers everything in a pure, white blanket. We can relate the Winter snow to the redemption accomplished by Christ on the cross in which He took care of all the negative things in the universe by crucifying them on the cross. Things such as the Devil & the powers of darkness and death, sin, the lusts of the flesh, temper, the evil world system, etc. were all put to death in His redemption. Furthermore, Christ’s blood that was shed on the cross can now cleanse us from every sin and make us white as snow (1 John 1:7, Isaiah 1:18). All this is contained in the Christ’s judicial redemption, being the first part of God’s complete salvation.

The second half of God’s complete salvation is seen in the Spring grass, which sprouts forth in resurrection out of the death of Winter. To appreciate the greenness and flourishing of the resurrection life we firstly must experience the killing and cleansing of the procedural, judicial redemption. Now, in organic salvation we can experience and enjoy the budding and spreading of the green, resurrection life in the good earth of the soil of our heart (Romans 5:10b, 6:4-5, Matthew 13:23). We can allow this resurrection life to grow in us by feeding on on the unsearchable riches of Christ which are our pasture (Ephesians 3:8, John 10:9, Psalm 23). This is amazing that we can experience the real Winter and Spring in our spirit and soul, and eventually one day in the ultimate redemption of our third part, our body (1 Thessalonians 5:23, Romans 8:23).

Spring in Wales

But now such an organic salvation is revealed in the Scriptures to be intensified sevenfold. The Spirit, which carries out the work of organic salvation, is now the seven Spirits meaning it has been intensified sevenfold in function (Revelation 1:4, 4:5, 5:6). This means all the elements contained within the processed and compounded Spirit of Jesus Christ are now intensified to us sevenfold (John 7:39, 1 Corinthians 15:45). Love, light, holiness, righteousness, etc. are all conveyed into our being seven times more in function for the countering and conquering of the degradation in our fallen nature intrinsically and for the dark and evil world outwardly (Revelation 3:1). Praise the Lord!

Enjoy the pics!

Wales Wales Wales Wales






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-Photographer. -Studied Divine Economics (οἰκονομίαν θεοῦ) in a 3 year graduate program. -Bachelors of Science in Finance. -Enjoys Language, Traveling, Surfing, Skateboarding, Mexican food. God day!


  1. bhogan5757

    Can I subscribe?

  2. Wow, Joseph, love the edited version. Amazing pics, great sharing 🙂

    I’ll share your blog post again. How wonderful God’s organic salvation is!

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