It’s Gospel Time – Scotland

the heavenly team I got to spend the weekend in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s “Jus a wee bit north of London is Scotland.” I could easily have had a “heyday” with photographing the architecture, and maybe I did a little, so that’s why I will do two blog posts on Glasgow.

Though the pictures turned out great , my true reason for visiting was to volunteer with Amana Trust, who is a UK Christian charity that furthers the Christian faith mainly by distributing free Christian literature and the Recovery Version of the New Testament. The first question asked by many who come to the booth is usually to see if we are genuine, regenerated believers in Christ. “Yes! We love the Lord Jesus!”

Our booth was in the busy city plaza of Glasgow. During the course of about 4 hrs we handed out 189 free study bibles. I myself spoke with some of the young, local Scottish men. I had conversations about Scotland, New York, skateboarding, photography, and the spiritual warfare. One local Christian who was with his young daughter stopped and expressed his gratitude and burden for Glasgow and for the spreading of the word and the gospel. We believe these Bibles will fall into good earth and produce 100 fold throughout Glasgow and across Scotland.

Enjoy the pics!

My 2nd Scotland post will be more Architect photography.
Hallelujah Scotland Glasgow 2013-0482 chattin Judy and Rebekah Elizabeth the gold kilts Saulius and Kyle Joseph Judy



Scotland Glasgow 2013-0435 Hendy Bernice City plaza Amana Trust Free Study Bible Glasgow neighborhood Spring is here bye bye


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  1. crownade

    Jesus is Lord in Scotland!!!

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